Safety and Accessories

Chainsaw Protective Apparel

Stay Sharp and Suit Up with STIHL Protective Apparel

It is a great privilege selling the number one brand of chainsaws. But we view it as an even greater responsibility to help keep our customers protected while using them. Our chainsaw protective pants and chaps are made with multiple layers of Avertic Pro by Engtex, a cut-retardant material designed to clog the sprocket to stop the chain on a gasoline-powered chain saw. This reduces the risk or severity of injury to the body parts covered by the Engtex layers in the event of contact with the rotating chainsaw.

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Non-Protective Work Apparel and Accessories

Wearing the Right Kind of Apparel for the Situation Never Goes Out of Style

Designed to keep you visible and comfortable while on the job, our work apparel and accessories are just what you need to stay productive. STIHL designs their apparel with your job in mind, including features like easy fitting styles, high-visibility reflective properties, temperature-regulating materials, and convenient pockets to store the extras.

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Protective Head and Ear Gear

Head and Face Protection

From logging in the woods to construction zones in the city or just doing work in your own backyard, STIHL protective apparel is there to help you when working with outdoor power equipment. From helmet and hard hat systems to brush shield facial protection, our protective apparel meets the requirements for the job at hand. Take the safety of yourself and your crew as seriously as we do - always use STIHL protective apparel and help protect your most valuable assets.

Hearing Protection

Reduce heavy machinery noise with our most noise-reducing hearing protection. Top-quality hearing protectors featured padded stainless steel springwire headbands that don't slide around letting in unwanted sound waves. They are easy to adjust and comfortable. Various Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR) available: 21, 23, 25, and 29. Meets ANSI S3 1974 Standard.

Eye Protection

Premium protective glasses are made from optical-grade polycarbonate for greater impact resistance. They offer 99% UV protection. A sleek, lightweight temple provides individual fit and comfort. The nylon nosepiece offers greater comfort and snug, nonslip fit. All glasses meet ANSI standard Z87.1.

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